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The Suprem-e line of e-liquids is the outcome of months of study and research, during which, expert flavourists have achieved tastes and aromas of the very highest quality. Suprem-e liquids, produced and tested in Italy, are constantly certified by laboratories authorised by Italy’s Istituto Superiore della Sanità to ensure safety of ingredients, top-quality manufacture and consistency.

E-liquids 10ml  contain 60 %VG / 40% PG 

Re- Brand e-liquids contain 50 %VG / 50% PG 

Suprem-e Blended tobacco 10ml

This is a combination of the best tobacco made by professionals. A rich smell and taste of real toba..

3.06€ 6.22€

Suprem-e Blow 10ml (cereals,citrus,exotic fruits) 3mg

Delicate mix of cereals, citrus fruits and exotic fruits softened with hints of cream and vanilla.&n..


Suprem-e Excite 10ml (Italian vineyards) 3mg

Mix of aromatic nuances of the best Italian vineyards.The basis of this product: 60% VG / 40% PGBott..


Suprem-e First pick 10ml (Virginia tobacco)

Made of highest quality Virginia tobacco. Velvety and rich in flavor.The basis of this product: ..

3.06€ 6.22€

Suprem-e First Pick Re-brand 10ml

First Pick Re-Brand is made from the highest quality Virginia Tobacco. It has rich and velvety taste..


Suprem-e Madagascar 10ml (vanilla)

E-liquid Magagascar with vanilla flavor!The basis of this product: 60% VG / 40% PGBottle 10ml.Compos..


Suprem-e Pure Tobacco 10ml

A strong, generous flavour with a vaguely bitter after-taste. The new way of smoking that retains it..


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