Nicorex Fruits

Nicorex Apple e-liquid 10ml

Green and red apple flavoured e- liquid has a refreshing effect on all e-cigarette users. E- juice ..


Nicorex Signature Dewberry Yogurt e-juice

Sweet and sour dewberry yoghurt. Perfect for all vapers who prefer a mild and smooth taste.E- juice ..


Nicorex Signature Strawberry Milkshake e-juice

Silky and soft milkshake with fresh strawberries.E- juice contain 50% PG /50% VG.Bottle: 10ml..


Nicorex Blackcurrant e- juice

Blackcurrant is  refreshing and sweet.  It has nice and very aromatic ..


Nicorex Blueberry e-juice

Enjoy the mild blueberry e-liquid. The blueberry e-liquid allows you to experience the summer forest..


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