MR. Wicks

Momo Eliquid brings you Mr Wicks - 5 perfect flavours.  Mr Wicks loves to make everybody happy.

70 VG / 30 PG mix e-liquid. 50ml of 0mg ready liquid in a 60ml bottle. Just add 10ml NicShot and get 3mg nikotinstrenght.

Made in UK.

Mr. Wicks Grape Soda e-liquid 50/60ml

Enjoy the refreshing Grape Soda e-liquid from Mr. Wicks. Best drink e-liquid 2018 in UK.Mr. Wicks is..

10.55€ 12.66€

Mr. Wicks Mango and Blackcurrant e-liquid 50/60ml

Feelomg fruity all day with a mix of tropical mango and tart blackcurrant.Mr. Wicks is supplied in a..

10.55€ 12.66€

Mr. Wicks Orange-Lime Fizz e-liquid 50/60ml

Perfect drink - Orange and Lime Fizz by Mr. Wicks. An icy glass of soda water topped with the freshl..

10.55€ 12.66€

Mr. Wicks Passion Chiller e-liquid 50/60ml

Passion Fruit, Guava, Lemon, Menthol.Mr. Wicks is supplied in a 60ml bottle with 50ml of zero nicoti..

10.55€ 12.66€

Mr. Wicks Pear-Raspberry e-liquid 50/60ml

Sugar candy pear sweets and raspberry candy jellies.Mr. Wicks is supplied in a 60ml bottle with 50ml..

10.55€ 12.66€

Pro Vape HAVE NicShot VPG 18 mg, 10ml (50PG/50VG)

E-liquid contain: VG 50%/ PG 50%  18mg/mlBottle: 10mlHow to calculate how much ml NicShot use?D..


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