Liqua Dessert

Liqua Mix Banana Cream

Blend of ripe and green banana tastes complement a creamy, buttery undertone. This is a rich, creamy..


Liqua Mix Mango Milkshake

Liqua Mango Milkshake is a pleasent companion wherever you may go. The liquid has a real fresh mango..


Liqua Mix NY Cheesecake

Liqua NY Cheesecake e-liquid has a pleasent, crispy, creamy cheesecake flavor. It is an ideal combin..


Liqua Mix Strawberry Yoghurt

Luscious, fresh strawberrys blend together with a creamy yoghurt undertone to provide a sensation, t..


Liqua Mix Vanilla Orange Cream

This liquid brings you the fresh oranges straight from Satsuma together with green vanilla and butte..

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