About e-cigarettes

How are e-cigarettes made?

Rechargeable electronic cigarettes consist of three main components - battery,  tank or atomizer, and coil head.


Basically, batteries vary on electronic cigarettes with their capacity in "mAh" (milli-amperetimer). The higher is "mAh", the more battery stores energy. More energy means longer battery life of the e-cigarette. For example, an e-cigarette with 500 mAh battery will work for 3-4 hours without charging, while one with a 4000 mAh battery will last up to 24 hours.

Another main difference: is battery equipped with adjustable power / voltage / temperature. This feature allows you to adjust the amount of steam, it's strength and heat. For example, higher voltage gives more volume on the steam.





Atomiser consists of four parts - mouthpiece, tank, coil head and base. The tank of the atomiser is filled with e-liquid. When the atomiser head (coil) gets warm, the e-liquid turns into steam. Coil heads differ with the resistance ohm (Ω) coefficient and the technical parameters of the heating element.

Atomisers are divided into three main categories - standard atomisers, Sub Ohm atomisers and drippers.


Standard atomisers are mostly used by new vapers, and because of low costs, these are  the most available for everybody. Standard atomisers comes with both -  replaceable and non-replaceable coil heads. Tank capacity is mostly from 1ml up to 5ml. Such  atomisers may be used for mouth to lung or  directly for inhalation in the lungs.

Sub Ohm produces bigger plumes of vapor, essentially providing a bigger mouthful of flavor with each puff.  These tanks use disposable, pre-made coil heads. This is a great option for people who are new to the whole Sub Ohm thing, but don’t want to start building. Sub Ohming has never been more accessible since the invention of tanks like the  Atlantis by Aspire and the Kanger Subtank. In Sub Ohm atomisers use coil heads with resistance levels less than 1.0Ω (ohm), usually 0.5Ω.

RDA’s Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers or Drippers, were the original way to Sub Ohm. These devices are typically smaller than tanks that attach to mechanical or Box Mods. They contain a deck where coils are built and attached using a screwdriver and cotton for wicking. Users drip a small amount of juice directly on to the coils and wick before every few puffs.

RTA’s – Rebuildable Tank Atomizers are for people who want to build coils but don’t want to drip. RTA’s are essentially Sub Ohm tanks that require the user to build the actual coils inside. This gives you the freedom to create a coil that gives you the exact type of vape you want.


A vape coil is a replaceable component of a vape tank or atomiser. It is comprised of a wrapped wire, with cotton and sometimes a ceramic wick. These wicks soak up e-liquid, which is then heated up, vapourised and inhaled. Coils allow the user to tailor their vaping experience -  whether you prefer a warm vape with lots of clouds, or a cooler vape with a stronger throat hit.

Coils are measured in Ohms, and are available in a variety of resistances, ranging from 0.15 to 2.1 Ohms. Coils can contain a range of wire types:  stainless steel, nickel, titanium, kantahl etc.

Sub Ohm or Direct to Lung Coils, are fired at higher wattages and higher temperatures, producing intense flavour and big clouds of vapour.



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